Coffee comes in various flavors, from dark and bitter to light and sweet, so there is likely to be a cup that suits your taste. If you want to make your own coffee at home or purchase the perfect cup of coffee at Starbucks, it is helpful to have a fundamental awareness of the many kinds of coffee that are available.

Even the most ardent coffee enthusiasts probably won't live long enough to sample every kind and style of coffee throughout their lifetime. The process of tasting, ordering, and preparing coffee, on the other hand, will be a lot more enjoyable experience if you are familiar with what is available.

Below you will find a reference for a variety of over 50 different kinds of coffee cups, ranging from black coffee to milk-based coffee to cold brew coffee to exotic coffee. 

Black Coffee
Coffee that contains just coffee and water is referred to as black coffee. Coffee enthusiasts believe that there is no other acceptable method of consumption. The natural tastes and sensations of the coffee are diminished when other substances are added to it, such as cream, milk, sugar, syrup, or honey. 

■ Water ■ Coffee
The Italian Diva of coffee is made by passing high-pressure steam through ground coffee beans in a traditional espresso machine. The coffee has a rich consistency, and the froth on top is just seductive.

■ Water ■ Coffee
The term "doppio" comes from the Italian word for "double," It refers to a straightforward double espresso shot made by forcing coffee through a portafilter with two separate spouts.

■ Water ■ Espresso ■ Coffee
This is an example of what is often referred to as a "short" espresso. The preparation is similar to that of a standard espresso, except that just one-half as much water is used.

■ Water ■ Espresso
Whoever likes their espresso with a little less thick consistency. An Americano is a coffee drink similar to espresso but has a greater quantity of water added to it and is served in a bigger cup.

Drip Coffee
■ Water ■ Coffee
Coffee brewed using the drip method is known for its strong flavor and is made by slowly pouring hot water over ground coffee.

■ Water ■ Coffee
A true work of art in its own right! This type of coffee is produced by continually refilling the water that is contained inside the coffee grounds while the coffee is being ground. This method consists of three stages, each of which contributes to the exceptional flavor and quality of the finished product.

Long Black
■ Water ■ Coffee
Two espresso shots are put over a little water to create a stronger version of the classic Americano.

Immersion Brewing
■ Water ■ Coffee
To prepare this type of beverage, the grounds are steeped for some time in water that has been brought to boil point, and then the beverage is prepared. 

Instant Coffee
■ Water ■ Coffee
This coffee can be prepared with little effort and in a short period of time by simply pouring the necessary quantity of hot water over the coffee powder and mixing it.

Bulletproof coffee
■ Water ■ Coffee
This famous remedy for hangovers consists of coffee or espresso mixed with two tablespoons of full butter and one tablespoon of coconut oil.

Turkish Coffee
■ Water ■ Coffee
Prepared in a special Turkish coffee pot. After bringing the water to a boil in the pot, the coffee is  added, and the pot is allowed to continue boiling. After being stirred for a while, it is often warmed in a flash in order to accumulate an additional layer of cream on the surface. Unfiltered.

Black eye
■ Espresso ■ coffee
To prepare this, standard drip coffee is infused with two or three shots of espresso, and either milk or cream can be put over the top as desired.

Capsule coffee
■ Water ■ Coffee
These are specifically manufactured capsules that include coffee or espresso that has already been ground and is hermetically sealed. A capsule espresso machine is used to brew the contents of the capsule.

Coffee sachet bags
■ Water ■ Coffee
A recently developed style of coffee or espresso strains the coffee grounds by passing them through a filter bag intended for use with pour-over coffee preparation techniques.

Decaf coffee
■ Water ■ Coffee
The extract of caffeine from whole coffee beans involves steaming them to cause them to expand and then adding a solvent that will pull the caffeine out of the beans. After that, they undergo a second round of drying.

Dripped eye
■ Espresso ■ coffee
As with a black eye coffee, this is prepared by adding three shots of espresso to regular drip coffee.

■ Milk ■ Espresso
A shot-sized drink consisting of espresso, frothed milk, and hot chocolate is often served in a shot glass. One of the most common renditions from Italy.

Green Coffee
■ Water ■ Green Coffee
The unroasted coffee beans are ground into a fine powder to produce this tea-like coffee with a more herbal flavor than coffee-like.

Lazy eye
■ Decaffeinated coffee ■ Espresso
To prepare this, combine decaffeinated coffee with two or three espresso shots. A beverage similar to red-eye but with less caffeine.

Red Eye
■ coffee ■ Espresso
A regular-sized cup of drip-brewed coffee to which a single serving of espresso has been added.

■ Water ■ coffee
This technique of brewing will make coffee with a robust flavor. It involves using pressure to force water into a brewing vessel and then using vacuum pressure to filter the coffee once it has been brewed.

Café Con Hielo
■ Water ■ Espresso
This coffee beverage consists of a single or double shot of espresso combined with sugar before being poured over ice cubes.

Café Crema
■ Water ■ Espresso
This is very similar to an Americano. It resembles a long espresso in which more water is poured into the cup during preparation.

Café Zorro
■ Water ■ Espresso
The double espresso and water are combined in one to one ratio, and the resulting beverage is served hot.

■ Water ■ Espresso
This is produced by combining one shot of espresso with two times as much water as is typically used. Also, compare it to an Americano, but one with a more sophisticated flavor.

The Flat White
■ Steamed Milk ■ Espresso
This beverage, which consists of espresso with a smaller quantity of steamed milk that works as a side flavor. 

■ Milked Foam ■ Steamed Milk ■ Espresso
The well-known coffee with the even more recognizable crema is made with an espresso shot and an equal quantity of foamed and heated milk. The cappuccino is one of the most well-known coffee drink recipes. The term likely comes from the Capuchin friars and translates to "little cap." It also relates to the color of their habits, which was the ideal shade of brown.

■ Steamed Milk ■ Espresso
Latte is a type of coffee in which the flavor of milk predominates over that of espresso, which plays a supporting role. One may think of it as a cappuccino variation with extra milk.

Breve coffee
■ Milked Foam ■ Half-and-Half Milk ■ Espresso
This beverage, which consists of espresso with a smaller quantity of steamed milk that works as a side flavor.

■ Steamed Milk ■ Espresso
An espresso shot with a small amount of steamed milk or foam on top. It is designed so that when you consume it, milk and espresso will combine in proportion to one another. 

■ Milk ■ Espresso
Similar to a Machiatto, the espresso is prepared as a single shot, and the steamed milk is added in a 1:1 ratio.

Black tie
■ Milk ■ Tea ■ Espresso
This unique preparation begins with a shot of espresso. It is followed by the addition of Thai tea, followed by the addition of milk, cream, and sugar.

Café Au Lait
■ Milk ■ Coffee
A regular serving of steamed milk and drip coffee, at a ratio of 1:1.

Café Bombon
■ Condensed Milk ■ Espresso
A single shot of espresso and one shot of condensed milk, mixed in a ratio of 1:1.

Café Mocha
■ Milk ■ Espresso
Similar to a Latte but with just one shot of espresso and three ounces each of steaming milk and chocolate syrup.

Café Cubano
■ Sugar ■ Espresso
One shot of espresso and a couple spoonfuls of demerara sugar on top of that.

Cha Phe Sua Da
■ Condensed Milk ■ Espresso
A classic Vietnamese coffee made using a Phin coffee machine, filtered using a Phin coffee filter, blended with a cup of condensed milk, and served over ice.

■ Milk ■ Espresso
Typically, this consists of a single or double shot of espresso combined with a quarter cup of hot milk.

Dirty Chai Latte}
■ Milk ■ Tea ■ Espresso
One shot of espresso combined with steamed milk and spiced tea.

Es Copi Susu
■ Condensed Milk ■ Espresso
Created by brewing coffee inside condensed milk and then allowing it to cool down so that the grounds sink to the bottom of the container.

Espresso con Panna
■ Whipped Cream ■ Espresso
This is a single espresso topped with whipped cream and served in an espresso cup.

■ Milk ■ Espresso
A classic cup of Portuguese coffee is made by adding espresso and steamed milk in the proportion of 1:3, then pouring the mixture into a cup.

■ Milk ■ Espresso
This can be made into a cold beverage by serving it with milk or creamer, blending it with coffee or espresso. To be served cold.

■ Cold cream ■ Espresso
A traditional mocha begins with a shot of espresso, is followed by the addition of cold cream, and is finally finished with a drizzle of chocolate syrup.

Vienna coffee
■ Whipped cream ■ Cocoa powder ■ Espresso
You can make this beverage with espresso or with plain drip coffee that has whipped cream on top and some Cocoa powder.

Cold Brew coffee
■ Water ■ Espresso
A slow process which involves putting espresso coffee in water to sit at room temperature for an entire day before being filtered.

Japanese Iced Coffee
■ Ice ■ Espresso
In this procedure, a Nel Drip or Chemex pot is used to brew coffee. The liquid drips down into a lower container that contains ice cubes.

■ Nitrogen ■ Coffee
This is espresso coffee infused with nitrogen gas canisters and then placed in a container with whipped cream. The end product is a coffee that has a creamy and bubbly feel.

Sand-brewed coffee 
■ Water ■ Coffee
This is prepared by putting ground coffee and water into a Turkish Cezve, which is then placed into hot sand cooked inside a wok. The product is a cup of coffee that is richer in flavor and more viscous.

■ Ice cream/Gelato ■ Espresso
This consists of a single scoop of ice cream on top of which a single espresso has been poured.

Caffé Gommosa
■ Marshmallow ■ Espresso
A single shot of coffee is poured over a giant marshmallow placed in a shot glass. This dish is served as an appetizer.

Coffee Liqueur
■ Milk ■ Liqueur ■ Espresso
In a cup with one shot of espresso and cream of milk, 25 milliliters of your favorite liqueur should be added.

Espresso Romano
■ Lemon ■ Espresso
An espresso shot, either single or double, garnished with a slice of lemon or served with lemon juice poured to the cup.

■ Milk ■ Lime ■ Espresso
A variation on the Espresso Romano that is served over ice and has a splash of milk, a slice of lime, and an espresso shot.

Irish Coffee
■ Whipped cream ■ Whiskey ■ Espresso
A combination of one shot of espresso or coffee with one shot of whiskey, and then top it with whipped cream.

Kopi Luwak
■ Water ■ Coffee
This hip coffee is made from coffee beans that have been digested by civet cats and passed out of their systems. The beans are then subjected to many different roasting and brewing processes before being consumed.

■ Lemon ■ Espresso
Algerians love this beverage, prepared with coffee or espresso, lemon, and occasionally milk and sugar. It can be found in most cafes and restaurants.

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