Hélène Lazareff, Paris-raised journalist, founded the legendary ELLE Magazine on November 21st, 1945 . The successful writer dreamt of a women's magazine whos e key editorial approach was to open women's minds to diverse trends throughout the world and provide them with exclusive access to the fashion and beauty industries.
Lazareff achieved her goal, and ELLE –
a magazine for women, run by a woman - was born.

At ELLE, we believe there is no one way to be or look. In fact, we fully embrace a mix and match approach to style. We're from Paris after all, where it’s perfectly acceptable to ride a motorbike in heels. And that’s how we do our coffee, by creating our own styles from a mix of the best coffee beans around the world. To make this magic happen, ELLE has collaborated with Emanuelle LLC and a renowned Italian coffee roaster to create the ELLE Café fashion coffee portfolio. It’s stylish, neat and crafted the the ultimate taste. We bring you all you would expect from this unique collaboration between the France’s leading fashion magazine, an Italian world-famous traditional roaster and a skilled entrepreneur.